An Introduction

About GhostRide Media

Jonas Sjöström, born in Umeå, Sweden -1974, is the founder and composer behind GhostRide Media. He started playing music at an early age. Starting out with a Yamaha organ, he soon found himself being both a drummer and a guitarist with various rockbands.

Begining to compose music was mostly due to frustration over not finding suitable music for his Youtube-videos.

Drawing inspiration from Thomas Bergersen, Two Steps from Hell, Audiomachine, Ivàn Torrent, Johan Söderqvist and similar artists – GhostRide Media can only hope that some of their brilliance rubs off!

GhostRide Media – is a sweden registred buisness. Contact us for more information.

Raphaël rated it  ★5

What a great soundtrack music ! Too much epic for my reading playlist, but I have added it to my Movie Soundtracks playlist and in my New releases playlist. I want to say you my admiration for your technical work, and for your inspiring and inspired music. I am now listening to your other musics 🙂 Congratulations !

Revolutionize rated it  ★5

As a big fan of epic tracks/scores, this is something that i will definitely be listening to from now. Reminds me a bit of Two Steps from Hell but it has it’s own unique thing that makes it so awesome and so perfect.

Raighes rated it  ★4

Hello, nice composition. Loved the thunder at the beginning of the song. Nice epic and dramatic melodies, very cinematic. Cool arrangements! Beautiful voices sounds, very expressive.

Urban rated it  ★3

hi there! nice work onto the main backgropudn sounds, that epicary sound got me! the eq’s are dope and so doesa the master,so nothign mroe to add than to keep with the good pieces like this one!

A Review of the album “The Epic” by Rebecca Cullen!!

“It’s a bit of a masterpiece really and if you close your eyes, there are no limits to what you’ll see throughout the course of this playthrough.” Spotlight Interview with Ghostride Media ABOUT “The Epic” Album:

Joanne – 13:th June, 2022, “Run away fly away”

G.R.M now collaborates with Annelie Lövgren, under the artist name “Jo Anne”. Their first single was released 13:th June, 2022, named “Run away fly away” – Listen On Spotify