The First Album!

GhostRide Media’s first Album!!!

The name is “Entry”! A fitting name for entering the Cinematic/Soundtrack scene. Entry is a album set up like a Musical, Opera or a Original Soundtrack, with reccuring themes and Epic endings.

Even though “Entry” does not have a written story there is a underlying story in the composers head.

The story

The hero is set out on a quest to find a magical music box.

Under dire circumstances. Closing in on the goal of the quest, the hero and her sidekick is struggeling in a storm. 

Finding shelter in a cave, she eventually finds the magical music box. The evil faerie in the music box is set free and the hero needs to put it back into the music box. 

The nemesis of the hero comfronts the hero and takes the music box to claim victory and the reward.

The hunt for the music box starts. Can the hero get the music box back in time?

The hero and sidekick is closing in on the nemesis, and stays at a small settlement close to where they believe the nemesis is. 
Introducing Sybil who helps the hero.

The nemesis attacks the settlement and leaves it in ruins thinking the hero is dead.

Close to victory and home, the nemesis thinks victory is at hand. The hero returns.

The hero has doubts about her ability, feeling lonesome and small as the sidekick express her love to the hero.

People and faeries gather to help the hero telling her she’s “The One”!

The hero manages to get the music box back and capturing the evil faerie, but dies and the music box is lost.

People of the settlement, farmers and the guards carry the dead heroine to the church for the funeral of the hero while singing “Mi Amore Mio”.

As we near the end of this sad story, a small boy finds a music box in the dirt outside the village…”

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