“If it Suddenly Happens”

We’re going Broadway, glimmering lights and Musical!!!

Our newest project is a Musical, or at least that’s the plan. This song, “It it suddenly happens” describes the frustration of a young girl who has longed for love, and when it fall into her lap, she don’t know what to do. Should she leave enerything behind, or do the responsible thing and help with the farm? Love was maybe more complex that she anticipated?

Here’s the Chorus:

”Which way will my wings carry me?
How do I fly free?
Elusive, the rainbow’s end calls
Can it be reached?
And so, if it suddenly happens, I wake to my love dream come true
– If I find the end of that rainbow,
How could I go?”

Lyrics by New Zealander: Shirley Șerban

Vocals by: Lucy Ireland

Comming Soon!

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