The Collaborators

Lyricist – Shirley Şerban

It wouldn’t be the same…

Without the mind of Shirley, the songs would not have the depth, nor the eloquence it has. Living on the west coast of New Zealand, she has a creative background including writing and photography. “As a Musician myself, it is refreshing to work with someone who has a clear vision and beautifully crafted music, allowing me to colour it with words – Shirley.”

Vocalist – Julie Hall

Julie Hall

Julie Hall of Norway…

Is just what we needed at the time we needed it. With her extraordinary experience, talant and wonderful soprano voice, Julie brings so much to ongoing projects. With 13 years of musical experience she is a gem to anyone trying to make an impact in the music industry.

Vocalist – Frida Gradin

Frida Gradin – Gone by Sundown

The Angel of “Gone by Sundown”…

…Has blessed us with her voice on numerous occations. The lead singer of Melodic-Metal Band “Gone by Sundown” has a clear soprano that has the essence of a 50’s Star. She will feature the duet “Back” and the psalm “Låt mig få Sörja” not yet realesed. “Jonas always surprises me with goosebumbs with his music. I love to be able to challenge myself and my singing teqnique as I get the chance to collaborate in his Epic and Touching compositions.” – Frida

Lyricist and Singer – Max Tetsoshvili


Is helping out on the duet with the working name “Back”, as well as the “soldier Camp song”. He will write the Russian vocals, and record the Male Vocals.

Vocalist – Lucy Ireland

Lucy Ireland

It suddenly happend, on the song…

“If it suddenly happens”. We’re working with talanted singer Lucy Ireland. Actor, Musician and lover of Musicals and all things stagey. Pianist, clarinetist, saxophonist, and singer… Lucy would be the obvious choice for any songwriter in this genre! “Well it’s a great song and I’ve really enjoyed it, Jonas have been great to work with and I look forward to working with him in the future. – Lucy

Vocalist and Lyricist – Iryna Kulshenko

Wrote a special version of…

The song we named ”А ночь темна” (The night is dark). It is still a work in progress, as this song is planned for the upcoming musical. This russian version will most likely be released as a Single, maybe more…

Vocalist – Amadea

Olesia Shatmanbekova of AMADEA

Majestically unique!

AMADEA is the stage name of melomaniac-alchemist Olesia Shatmanbekova. Originally from Kyrgystan this Kyrgyz-Russian contralto has a distinctive timbre and a wide vocal range. “It is always a great pleasure to work with a composer who writes music that speaks to your soul. The music is touching, sincere, dynamic and powerful: a beautiful, timeless fusion that stays in the hearts of the listeners. – Amadea”. Listen to her mesmerizing voice on ”А ночь темна” (The night is dark) – Coming Soon! Listen to more of AMADEA on Spotify: Here!

Lyricist – Alice Ekström

Is an established novelist…

With a few books like: “Pick your poison” and “Rose of the Revolution” (currently only in Swedish), she’s not a stranger to write historical fiction and therefore the given choice for the Swedish lyrics for our musical, set in northern Sweden 1809. She has currently written the swedish version of “If it suddenly happens” and the song presently called “the farmgirl intro song”.

Vocalist – Giusy Tiso

Also known as KYBA…

…Is a Opera singer with an impressive forte’. On the song “A Heroes Funeral – Per Te”. Her beautiful voice, along with the italian lyrics, set the mood just right for a hymn of a fallen hero. Listen to it here! She also sings the Italian version of “If it suddenly happens” (E se all’improsivviso accadesse). – “It’s a pleasure to collaborate with a musician like him… – Giusy”.

Lyricist – Paola Priola

Found the soul in…

“The Heroes Funeral – Per Te”. She wrote beautiful lyrics in Italian and got it just right. “It’s a beautiful song and it inspired me the history of a glorious man who died in war. The song is written on the point of view of his wife. – Paola.”

Vocalist and Muse – Paulina Sörlin

Paulina Sorlin

Inspires and finds new ways…

…when you think there’s no more music to write. The Co-writing of the song “Aurora”, began as a short melody of 10 seconds, sung by Paulina, and ended up as a 6 minute song. ” ‘Aurora’ came to me just as strikingly as she appears dancing in the sky. The melody of her stuck with me and moved my soul. Now, with a lot of help and hard work from Jonas at GhostRide Media, we can share her spirit with you.” – Paulina

Audio Wizard – Nils Johansson (Ballerina Audio)

Nils Johansson of Ballerina Audio

Brings out the magic…

…in the songs: “Aurora”, “If it Suddenly Happens”, “E se all’improvviso acadesse” and has been a true mentor when it comes to teaching about the wonders of audio. – “Jonas creates intricate multidimensional instrumental soundscapes that have been very inspiring to work with”  – Nils johansson, Ballerina Audio.