• SINGLE“Shaken not Disturbed” released 16:th Nov 2018 – Started out with the chord progression of House of the Rising Sun, but soon took a life of it own. The sound turned into something James Bond-esque, and hence the name “Shaken not Disturbed”. Vocals by Merethe Soltvedt (VST) and Celica Soldream (VST). Spotify link
  • SINGLE“Österfjärden” (The Eastern Straits) released 15 mars 2019 – is composed as a tribute to Jonas’s grandfather whom passed away just after the new year 2019. Vocals by Clara Sorace (VST) and Celica Soldream (VST) Spotify link
  • ALBUM“Entry” to be released 1st August 2019. Is GhostRide Medias first album. The album is composed like a musical or film score, with repeating Themes, an underlying story and an epic orchestra. The voices are all VST (musical plugins to cubase) but feature the beutiful voicetalents of Clara Sorace, Merethe Soltvedt and Celica Soldream.
  • Special SINGLE – “A Hero’s Funeral – Per Te” with italian lyrics by Paola Priola. Was released August 16:th
The Album “Entry” was released on August 1:st 2019.
“A Heroes Funeral – Per Te” was released on August 16:th 2019.