• SINGLE“Shaken not Disturbed” released 16:th Nov 2018 – Started out with the chord progression of House of the Rising Sun, but soon took a life of it own. The sound turned into something James Bond-esque, and hence the name “Shaken not Disturbed”. Vocals by Merethe Soltvedt (VST) and Celica Soldream (VST). Spotify link
  • SINGLE“Österfjärden” (The Eastern Straits) released 15 mars 2019 – is composed as a tribute to Jonas’s grandfather whom passed away just after the new year 2019. Vocals by Clara Sorace (VST) and Celica Soldream (VST) Spotify link
  • ALBUM“Entry” to be released 1st August 2019. Is GhostRide Medias first album. The album is composed like a musical or film score, with repeating Themes, an underlying story and an epic orchestra. The voices are all VST (musical plugins to cubase) but feature the beutiful voice talents of Clara Sorace, Merethe Soltvedt and Celica Soldream.
  • Special SINGLE – “A Hero’s Funeral – Per Te” with italian lyrics by Paola Priola. Was released August 16:th
  • Autumn 2019 “А ночь темна” (The night is dark) featuring AMADEA was released. “Due 1:st November it is surely a treat!”
  • 19 June 2020, the collaboration with Paulina Sorlin peaked, with the release of “Aurora”. A melody first hummed by Paulina and turned into a tribal song of the Epic North.
  • The first Single “Shaken not Disturbed” was updated with new instruments and re-released 3:rd July 2020.
  • A year after it’s release the album “Entry” was Remastered due to better equipment. Think of this as the composer’s cut – August 2020.
  • “If it suddenly happens”, a five track EP was released 10:th of September 2020. Featuring the Demo with singer Lucy Ireland, an Instrumental version, an Acoustic version in Italian (with KYBA) and Norwegian along with the main release featuring Julie Hall of Norway.
  • “The Epic” The second album with a fantasy theme. The songs “Lesh Castle” and “Mount Ekra & The End” are written by Frida Gradin & GhostRide Media. The melodies was written by Frida to be a part of a small video Game called Ledgend of Kriville. Most songs in this album are related to or hint at mytical creatures.
The Album “Entry” was released on August 1:st 2019.
“A Heroes Funeral – Per Te” was released on August 16:th 2019.
“А ночь темна” (The night is dark) released 1:st November 2019
“Aurora” Feat. Paulina Sörlin released 19:th June 2020.
“Shaken not disturbed” remastered July 3:rd 2020.
“Entry” remastered released 10:th July.
“If it suddenly happens” released 10:th September 2020.
Album #2 “The Epic” Released 27:th of August 2021